Department of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics
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Trinity Mathematician Awarded Grant from National Institutes of Health

Professor Peter Olofsson uses math models to explore probabilities of human disease. more>>>


Trinity University Center for the Sciences and Innovation

Explore the idea behind the Trinity University Center for the Sciences and Innovation which is currently being constructed. more>>>

Mathematics Professor Natasa Macura explains a problem to students
during a recent Differential Equations & Linear Algebra course at Trinity.

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Mathematics is no doubt one of the most permanent and universal of the liberal arts and sciences; it has been an elemental pursuit of the collective human intellect for at least twenty-five hundred years. On another level, mathematics is the universal tool for the natural, life, and social sciences. 

At Trinity, the mission of the mathematics department reflects the dual essence of mathematics. Through the rigorous and challenging curriculum of our major and minor, we help students enjoy mathematics as an ancient, demanding, and beautiful part of their heritage, while committing ourselves to serving the professional needs of our students by helping them understand the role of mathematics in other disciplines.

Aside from our coursework, the department offers rich student experiences and opportunities. Students in the mathematics program have the opportunity to apply for and receive the Becky Goforth scholarship to assist them in covering the costs of attending Trinity as well as the opportunity to receive the Junior Math Award or Service Award from the department of mathematics. Students in the department also participate in the Trinity University Mathematics Society (TUMS), a service and social organization, and the Trinity Mathematical Modeling Group (TMMG), a group that allows students a unique opportunity to participate in an annual international applied mathematics contest. The degree program also allows students to engage in research topics and work closely with faculty on real research projects.

Additionally, the mathematics department is one of three departments that collaborate on the biomathematics minor, an academic area for students interested in the expanding field of mathematical modeling of biological phenomena. Alumni from the mathematics department have gone onto further their education as well as pursued careers as business analysts, software developers, market analysts, and more.