Education at Trinity broadens your horizons and deepens your understanding

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Remember the Chemistry

Professor Michelle Bushey analyzes components of The Alamo while maintaining her chemical separation research


Students benefit from small class sizes

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Today's students live in an increasingly diverse, interconnected, ever-shrinking world where borders and lines of division mean less, and collaboration, tolerance, and intercultural communication mean more. It is for this environment that Trinity offers a rigorous yet flexible Common Curriculum enhanced with a wide range of interdisciplinary programs and special opportunities, all of which are designed to provide real world experiences, increase international exposure and understanding, and instill the values required for global citizenship and making a difference.

Our superb faculty members are active scholars, who encourage undergraduate research and offer personalized academic advising and support. Our facilities and IT resources rival those of the nation's finest institutions. In short, Trinity offers the most relevant education option for talented students today and prepares its students to launch successful, purposeful, and meaningful lives.

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A Trinity education  broadens your horizons and deepens your understanding

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