Posting Jobs and Internships

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All job and internship postings with the Trintiy University Career Services Office are through our TigerJobs system.  Recruiters create a profile in TigerJobs providing information to prospective recruits, listing contact information and providing links to company websites.  Creating a profile is the first-step to using other TigerJobs resources.


Job/Intern Postings

Job and internship postings are placed free-of-charge in TigerJobs for 30 days unless the employer requests a shorter timeframe.

Posting a Job

Create a user profile by accessing TigerJobs
After creating a user profile click on the submit button
A posting may be attached to the organizational profile or attached to an individual contact for the organizataion (we strongly recommend attaching the profile to a contact)
All postings are reviewed and approved by a Career Services staff member.

Students or graduates may respond directly to recruiters via TigerJobs or the recruiter may specify that applicants apply through the organization’s website, a specific email, telephone, fax, or mail.  Recruiters who prefer to have Career Services post jobs for them can do so by submitting the information via email.

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Best Practices in Internships

Posting Jobs and Internships