Economics | Major & Minor

Department of Economics
John Huston, Chair
Trinity University
One Trinity Place
San Antonio, TX 78212-7200
210-999-7255 fax


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Economics is one of the most popular majors at Trinity, and its focus on logical thinking makes it a valuable foundation for a variety of careers, or a compliment to study in other disciplines. Our economics majors have gone on to careers in law, business and public affairs and many have pursued graduate study.

Trinity's combination of a distinctive curriculum, world-class opportunities, and an emphasis on economic applications gives our students the challenging and rewarding experience of studying the "real world" application of economic principles. To give students access to a wide variety of applications, the department offers six distinct tracks for majors: theoretical economics, economics and law, economics and business, international economics, economics and public policy, and general economics.

Those looking for an in-depth study of economics but whose primary interest lies elsewhere may complete an economics minor with 18 credit hours.

In addition to conventional coursework, economics students may earn credits participating in "Economists in the Schools," an outreach program that puts Trinity students in elementary, middle and high school classrooms throughout San Antonio. They also have the opportunity to engage in the Business and Economics Summer Program in Madrid, which matches students with internships at Spanish companies to learn more about Spain and the European Union. Students also publish papers in some of the leading economic journals.