Brad Parscale

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Brad Parscale '99 -- Development Demon

This industrious Trinity graduate runs three businesses, just got married and has a teenage daughter. Life is good.

By Donna Parker


Brad ParscaleEven though he works at the speed of technology, Brad Parscale, BS in finance, has invented his own secret formula for business success and so far-so good. Rather than focusing on the bottom line, Brad carves out the time to embrace his customers and walk them through the process of monetizing their business on the web.

"People come to us because they want to make money on the Internet, so we design and develop their web presence to help grow their online business," explains Brad.

In the world of web marketing and design, Brad's old-school attention to detail and focus on the customer has attracted quite a lot of attention, especially from the renowned Trump children, based in New York. He's on his second site development with this world's biggest commercial real estate family.

"I really attribute a lot of my success to Trinity," claims Brad. "It changed me in every way. The professors told us we could accomplish a lot, so I'm simply using the talents that Trinity nurtured. I've made it my goal to educate and work closely with my customers, rather than just focusing on the profits and that's made all the difference."

"I've really grown my reputation in this business and have a large market share in San Antonio. I invested 100% back in my company for the first 2 ½ years. In fact, I had $3,000 in the bank when I hired my first employee at a $40,000 per year," chuckles Brad, who now has 20 employees on the payroll.

But wait-there's more! Brad's main day job is "Giles-Parscale" a partnership formed with Jill Giles. Brad also runs another company called DevDemon, which markets ‘wicked smart add-ons' for web development. It was a niche market he stumbled across when he found weaknesses within custom websites he sold. He retained this technology and agencies may buy pieces of website builder software for $15-$100, each.

Then, there is, which is an incubator for web technology concepts. Brad found this with Tom O. Turner grandson of Tom E. Turner the founder of Tetco.
It's six-months-old and again is a smart niche from which startups may seek funding and business advice.

There's also Brad's physical therapy business, but that's for another day.

Any spare time that Brad can scrape together is spent with his wife Candice, whom he married last summer and his daughter Alexis, who is 13 and plays basketball, just like her dad did as a college student.

"I played ball at UTSA, was injured and decided to stay in San Antonio and finish my degree. Bob Hill's son was going to Trinity and suggested it to me. The President invited me to come, so I did. The same week that I graduated, my daughter was born and we moved to California where I stayed until 2003, moving back to Texas after the internet boom collapse.

Very involved in his community, Brad has worked on websites for such well-known entities as the Paseo del Rio Association, SA Stock Show and Rodeo and Boys & Girls Club San Antonio.

"Trinity was all about immersion-based teaching that started the moment I set foot on campus until I left. Really, my life is a culmination of learning how to trust myself-something my International Business Law professor encouraged, while at Trinity. He had faith in my skills to become an entrepreneur and that's the path I'm following."

You may contact Brad at  .

Story posted: March 2013

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