Sustainability at Trinity

Welcome to Trinity's Red Bricks/Green Campus Web site. The work to make Trinity a sustainable campus includes all aspects of the University's campus: buildings and grounds, student activities, curriculum, and faculty research. Trinity has been a signatory to the Presidents' Climate Commitment since 2008, setting forth a program to assure that Trinity will work toward carbon neutrality. Securing the future demands taking action today. Trinity is working to reduce our global footprint in energy and recycling, developing ways to protect our environment in research and writing, and training students to carry forward the work of making tomorrow greener than today.

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Latest news

April 9, 2012

Trinity's First Earth Week
Trinity University will host a variety of events during its first Earth Week, which kicks off April 16.

Mar. 26, 2012

Saving Water, Saving Money
The idea was sheer genius. Instead of letting water collected from massive air conditioning units literally go down the drain, use it to flush toilets. Thanks to changes in a 2006 building code, Trinity University is doing just that in the Center for the Sciences and Innovation (CSI), and thus saving both water and money.

Sep. 27, 2011

Students Start Community-Maintained Garden on Trinity University Campus
Trinity University students are accustomed to cultivating their minds. Now they are practicing a new form of cultivation - a new garden outside Storch Memorial Building that represents a sustainable eco-space on campus.

Feb. 23, 2011

Alcoa Foundation Boosts Trinity University's Recycling Program with Free Bins
Trinity University is one of 13 schools across the nation to receive free bins from the Alcoa Foundation to enhance the already robust campus recycling program.

Aug. 5, 2010

Environmental Literature
Fellow at Trinity University looks at 'green' science as a humanities expert   



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