Women's Club

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The Trinity University Women's Club exists to render service to Trinity University, to maintain a scholarship fund for worthy Trinity women students, and to provide an opportunity for forming friendships.

Business meetings are held four times throughout the year over luncheon, followed by interesting and informative programs spanning a wide range of topics. Social events are held four times a year, which may include brunches, local trips, Trinity plays and dinners. There are also many special interest groups with which members can be involved, including Culinary Capers, the Book club, Dutch Treat Luncheons, and a Stitch in Time.

Club membership is open to all female Trinity faculty and staff, female spouses and retirees. Other special requests for membership are taken on an individual case basis.

For more details of the TUWC please contact the membership chair, Frances Simmons at 210-999-8230, or any of the officers listed.


The Trinity Women's Club and the Scholarship Fund originated when Trinity University was located in Waxahachie, Texas. During the 1930s, Dr. Schwab, Dean of the University, recognized a need for scholarship aid for women attending the school. Women faculty and spouses of faculty responded with the "Egg Basket" tradition. One woman would place a baked item in a travelling basket and give it to another Women's Club member. That member contributed money to the fund for the baked item. She then replaced the baked item with another, such as an apron, a loaf of bread, or other homemade object. The basket was passed among the members until all had an opportunity to contribute and the fund was sufficient to cover a scholarship for a woman student. The first scholarship was awarded in 1935-36.

When Trinity moved to San Antonio, the scholarship fund tradition continued. Nowadays the fund is maintained through personal donations from members. At Christmas, rather than sending cards to each other, one card is sent to the club Scholarship Chair with a contribution to the scholarship fund. The cards decorate our tree at the December meeting.