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Professor Kathleen Surpless

She Rocks!

Kathleen Surpless may be a sedimentary geologist by academic training, but her passion is solving puzzles.

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Gifts from friends of the university are essential in helping Trinity to:

  • Provide scholarships and financial aid to worthy students;
  • Strengthen its innovative curriculum by taking advantage of new opportunities for cross-disciplinary teaching and learning;
  • Attract talented faculty who care about students and who are among the nation's leading scholars in their disciplines;
  • Improve the living and learning environment by investing in new technology initiatives, modernizing our residence halls, and improving our recreation and athletic facilities;
  • Recruit the most academically gifted and diverse students; and
  • Maintain the beautiful campus

When you give, you not only join thousands of individuals who make a gift each year, but you also help keep the life-changing Trinity experience as affordable as possible for our talented students. All gifts, of whatever size, are valued and appreciated.

Michael Neidorff '65  "I think we were very fortunate to attend a school like Trinity. My experience there is in no small part a key factor in any success I've enjoyed in life. I encourage all my fellow gradates to contribute at whatever level they are able to."

Michael Neidorff '65