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Professor Kathleen Surpless

She Rocks!

Kathleen Surpless may be a sedimentary geologist by academic training, but her passion is solving puzzles.

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Community of Giving

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Each day, Trinity faculty and staff make a commitment to the continued success of the University by dedicating time and talent to create a strong community of learning.

You can take an extra step to preserve this community that educates our students and enriches us all by making a gift to the Trinity Fund. Your gift provides for the University's core priorities: financial aid, supporting our world-class faculty and staff, and student programs which enrich this learning environment.

Ways to give

  • Online
  • By Check (payable to Trinity University, mailed to the Office of Annual Giving Programs, Campus Box #49)
  • Through Payroll deduction*

*For employees of Trinity University only

Inspired to Give

"I give because I want to contribute to the continued success of Trinity University. Every little bit counts in helping Trinity University become stronger and well-positioned for the future. "
Jennifer Adamo, Human Resources

"Like me, many of you probably attended university on scholarship. When I consider how important those funds were in my formative years, I can't think of a better way to pay it forward than by giving back to Trinity University."
Stephen Field, Professor, Modern Languages & Literatures

"I give to Trinity so that our children's educational future will be a bright one. I encourage other staff members to give too."
Hector Gomez, Media Technician, AT&T Center for Learning and Technology

"I give, quite simply, because support from employees—faculty members in particular—can make an enormous difference when we are seeking grants and outside funds for special projects. When Trinity benefits, we all do!"
Diane Graves, Chair, Faculty Senate

"I give because I know that it will help Trinity continue to recruit the best and brightest students, regardless of their financial circumstances. Our gifts help keep Trinity's reputation as one of the nation's top undergraduate universities."
Mary Lopez, Administrative Secretary, Advancement