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Professor Sammye Johnson

Periodicals and Pop Culture

Communication Professor Sammye Johnson Walks in Both Worlds of Online Publishing and Print Magazines

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Trinity's undergraduate program is meant to be rigorous yet flexible, allowing students to design an education that best serves their needs and interests.

In addition to completing the Common Curriculum and at least one major, many students choose to study abroad, conduct undergraduate research, and complete internships in their chosen fields.

Students may also choose to construct an Interdisciplinary Second Major, which allows students to pursue a unique learning path that is not available from any one existing major. In recent years, students have designed personalized majors in Film Studies, Visual Culture, U. S. Latino Studies, Environmental Development, and Environmental Entrepreneurship.

Trinity's Beyond the Classroom program allows students to earn credit for intensive academic experiences that take place outside the normal classroom environment and outside the conventional academic schedule. Students have recently traveled to places like Alaska, Spain, Vietnam, and China, working closely with Trinity faculty members while immersing themselves in the natural and cultural environment.

Become engaged  in a liberal arts education that will guide you the rest of your life.

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