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Note:  We hope that the hints below provide helpful information.  To login to the Trinity University E-Bill/E-Pay system you should go to the following website:

Hints for the Student:

All students should use Internet Explorer as their browser.   Other browsers often have trouble with the Java script on this site.

First Year Students: Upon your acceptance to Trinity or paying your $500 first year deposit, your Trinity Password can be found in the letter accompanying the Vital Information for First Year Students packet mailed to you from the Admissions Office.  Your Trinity User Name was e-mailed to you separately for security reasons. If you have not received this information by e-mail or if you have misplaced it, contact our IT Help Desk at and type “Deposited Student Help” in the subject line, or call (210) 999-7409.

Returning Students:  Your Trinity User Name and password for this Web site are the same user name and password used to access Tiger’s Lair.  Please take care in typing the exact user name and password being conscious of case (i.e. lower case vs. upper case).  If you have trouble logging into this website, we ask that you go to Tiger’s Lair and login without allowing the user name and password to default.  Sometimes, users think they know their Tiger’s Lair password, but they have allowed the information to default for them so many times that they have in fact forgotten their user name and/or password.  If you still can’t login, please contact IT Help Desk (see contact information above in the First Year student information), and they can reset your password.

Most Students will want to Authorize Users to view and/or pay.   Follow the STEPS TO AUTHORIZE USERS, listed below.

In order to comply with FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act), the students are required to give permission to their parents, guardian, or employer to access their student records by completing the authorized user process. The student needs to authorize a user as this is a crucial step in allowing others to view the bill/statement and/or make payment.  It will only take you a couple of minutes!

Hints for the Authorized User (Parents, Guardian, Person Responsible for Payment):

All authorized users should use Internet Explorer as their browser.  Other browsers often have trouble with the Java script on this site.

If the student doesn’t know how to authorize you as a user, ask them to follow the Steps to Authorize Users, listed below.

Be sure the student  knows your exact preferred email address to which automated e-mail notifications will be sent.  Your e-mail address will be your authorized user name. Once the student has authorized you, an automated e-mail message will be sent to you along with a generic password.  You may change this generic password to a password you may easily remember. After you have re-named your password save it in a secure place for future reference.

Forgot your password?  No problem.  Just input your exact preferred e-mail address used by your student for setup and click on “…have your password e-mailed to you.”  Really, it’s that easy!

Steps To Authorize Users
  • To authorize users, login to the E-Bill/E-Pay system at

  • Students login with the same user name and password used for all University access (refer to your packet for this information)

  • On the Welcome Page, click the Authorized Users tab from the tool bar at the top of the page

  • Click “Add an Authorized User” at the bottom of the screen

  • Enter your Authorized User’s preferred e-mail address

  • Make your Options selections

  • Click “Add User” at the bottom

  • Read the next screen which relates to giving access to your student account information.  When you agree to the terms, click “I Agree.”  The next screen will reflect your Authorized User and allow you to add additional Authorized Users

  • Your Authorized User will immediately receive an e-mail message telling him/her that you have completed this process

  • Your Authorized User should login to the E-Bill/E-Pay system using the assigned password (same Web site), then change the password to one that can easily be remembered

  • Authorized users will use their e-mail address and customized passwords to log in

This page is provided to you for informational purposes.   Trinity University does not assume liability for omissions, typographical errors, or policy changes that are not updated immediately on this or other official university Web pages.