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Service List

Tiger Tracks/Student Representatives
Student representatives provide courtesy escorts to any dorm or parking lot on campus.  Call Ext. 7070 from any campus phone and request an escort after dark. 

Interested in becoming an escort? Contact Security Officer Joe Hernandez at 

Or contact our dispatch center @ 999-7070.

After Hours Access
Building access services is monitored by a after hours access schedule only.  The point of contact for scheduling after hours access events is coordinated through our Senior Secretary staff from 8am-4pm.

To schedule after hours access please contact Mrs. Joann Lockard at 

For more information about this service contact: Administrative Assistant Joann Lockard (210) 999-7326.

Severe Emergency Work Orders
Facilities Services handles service requests Mon-Fri and may be reached directly by calling EXT. 8413. Dorm maintenance requests may be submitted to an R.A. and electronically to the Facilities Services. Severe Emergency after hours work orders may be reported by calling (210) 999-7000.

Facilities Servies Service Request @ 999-8413 

Severe Emergency Work Orders (210) 999-7000

Special Events: Security & Traffic Control

Schedule security, lane closure, traffic and pedestrian services for a campus event with our department by contacting the Senior Secretary. For more information about this service: Senior Secretary Joann Lockard (210) 999-7326. 

Frequently Asked Questions:


Event FAQ


 How do I find out about an event at Trinity?

The University Calendars are available online for events at Laurie Auditorium, Athletics, Lectures, Music Events, Theater Events, and Chapel Services.  Officers may be posted at certain events to assist you with parking and directions.  It is always a good idea to arrive early to your event and we ask that you drive with caution for the safety of pedestrians.
How do I get to Trinity?
Directions to Trinity University are available for download as well as maps to the University. 



Parking FAQ


Visit the Parking & Traffic Regulations Section 3 for a list of authorized parking lots.  Call the Parking & Traffic office at (210) 999-7001 for more information.
What do I do if I receive a citation?
 There are a few different forms of citations or “tickets,” including Parking Citation, Warning Citation, Campus Citation, and Court Appearance Citation (J.P. Citation). 
If you receive:


A Campus Parking Ticket

You will have the option to pay the amount noted on the citation at the Parking & Traffic Office located in the Registrar's Office at Northrup Hall or submitting your payment by mail. A campus citation involves a university fine only. You do not have to go to court and the citation does not go on your driving record.

If you feel that a ticket was unjustly issued or unwarranted, and you received a Trinity University citation (not Justice of the Peace) you may appeal the citation violation within 14 days of the issuance of the citation at the Parking & Traffic Office located in the Registrar's Office at Northrup Hall. Only permit holders can appeal a citation violation. Visitors may only appeal when cited for the following violations:  

If your initial appeal is denied, there is another level of review in the Appeal Process for contested citation and that is through the University Committee on Traffic and Parking. Appeal forms are available at the Parking & Traffic Office located in the Registrar's Office at Northrup Hall.

 Warning Citation- A warning generally does not involve a fine or penalty. Warnings are to gain voluntary compliance with the traffic laws of the state and the rules and regulations of the university. Court Appearance Citation - The officer and your copy of the citation will indicate when and where to appear in Justice of the Peace Court Precinct #1 for the offense charged. You must appear in court on the scheduled date and time listed on the citation. Failure to appear will result in an arrest warrant for you.


Traffic FAQ


What is the speed limit on campus?


The campus speed limits are 15 miles an hour on the roadways and 5 miles an hour in the parking lots.  Trinity University is a high pedestrian campus and safety is our concern.  Traffic control and enforcement is the responsibility of University Police Officers and violations, including moving violations, are subject to University Citations and/or Justice of the Peace Citations.



 What should I do if I am involved in a traffic accident on campus?
Call 210-999-7000 or 210-999-7070 to report any accident on campus.  Be sure to advise how many vehicles were involved, if anyone was injured and the location of the accident.


Arrest FAQ


What happens to someone who is arrested on campus?
When someone is placed under arrest he/she is transported to the City of San Antonio Magistrate’s Office, located at 401 South Frio Street, where they will appear before a magistrate.  If a bond is set by the Magistrate that person may be transported to the Bexar County Jail by the City of San Antonio.  If the person is a student of the University, he/she will be referred to the student judicial process according to the Student Code of Conduct.  In some cases Peace Officers may issue a court appearance citation instead of a physical arrest.  All cases involving students are reviewed by the Dean of Students for referral to the Student Conduct Board.  Officers exercise professionalism and discretion in reviewing each incident.  Officers are university officials and submit incident reports that are forwarded to the Dean of Students when a rule and regulation offense has occurred.

Crime Prevention FAQ

How safe will I be on campus?

Being safe means different things to different people. Some people measure safety by the amount of crime on campus. Typically, most university and college campuses experience less crime than their surrounding communities. However, there are no guarantees in being absolutely safe. The University Police Department has a comprehensive crime prevention program that assists community members to reduce their risk of becoming a victim of crime. 

What should I do if I think I see suspicious activity?
It is always recommended that suspicious activity be reported immediately to the University Police Department by calling (210) 999-7070.  Be prepared to describe the activity you witnessed and describe the person (s) or vehicle (s) involved.  You do not have to leave your name and number but it may be helpful if the information you provide leads to an arrest or if you would like to be contacted.  We encourage the University community to take proactive measures to keep an eye out for crime at all times.