Study Abroad and Off Campus Study | Steps to Go Abroad

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Steps to Studying Abroad

The Study Abroad Office will work with you as you prepare to leave, while you are abroad, and as you return to campus. From the beginning you should think of this as a continuous learning experience that is not completed until you integrate what you have learned into your life back in the U.S. This office will be a part of the whole process. The Study Abroad Program office is located in the Chapman Center in room 245. The staff is always happy to answer questions and help facilitate your search as they are available to do so.

Worksheet on Degree Status --This worksheet should be completed and brought to your first appointment.



*Intent To Study Abroad*

Students wishing to study abroad for Fall, Spring, or Academic Year must file an "Intent To Study Abroad" by December 1, (Not required for Summer or Trinity Faculty Led Programs.) Click here for details.


The Study Abroad Office will work with you throughout the process of preparing to go abroad, studying abroad, and returning from abroad.  We will offer you options and provide you with tools and resources, but you will have to do the hardest part.  You will have to make choices and set priorities.  You should plan to begin the process approximately a year before you plan to go, and you should be ready to make an advising appointment early in the semester just prior to the term you intend to be abroad.  Students who are pre-med or who have very structured or complex majors may need to begin even earlier.

Step 1: First Steps Presentation
Step 2: Research - Why Do You Want to Study Abroad? Where Do You Want to Study?
Step 3:Advising Appointments
Step 4: Application appointment
Step 5: Trinity Approval Forms
Step 6: Submission Deadlines
Step 7: Pre-Departure Meeting


Step 1: First Steps Presentation (back to top) - Start Here!

This Presentation provides program deadlines, research links and resources and supplies guidelines and expectations.  Attendance also provides access to the Study Abroad advising calendar. Click here to sign up to attend the presentation.

 Step 2: Research - Why Do You Want to Study Abroad? Where Do You Want to Study? (back to top)

Once students have attended the First Steps Presentation, it is necessary to research different study abroad possibilities in order to understand the range of possibilities and get a sense of what elements you want to include in your term abroad.

The study abroad office (Chapman 245) has a resource library to assist with this research. We also require students to identify goals for studying abroad in order to find a program that meets their personal as well as academic needs. For additional information about where to begin your research into study abroad destinations, click here. Students will receive more information on how to research and weigh your choices in the First Steps Presentation.

Start by Asking Yourself: 

  • What degree requirements do I still need to fulfill?
  • Where do I want to study and live?
  • What are my non-academic goals (explore my family heritage)?
  • What's the most important thing I want to accomplish?
  • Do I want to be in a big city or a small city?
  • Do I want university classes, a field study, an internship, intensive language, or other specialized study?
  • Are there specific classes I need to take during the term abroad?

Additional resources:

Country Information Handout
Trinity Disability Services for Students

Evaluations for Spring, Summer and Fall 2010 as well as Spring 2011 may be reviewed on-line at Abroad101. Earlier evaluations are in notebooks in the resource area of the Study Abroad Office in Chapman 245.

Step 3: Advising Appointments (back to top)

Students may go online to make an appointment with one of the two study abroad counselors. Students will bring a completed degree status worksheet to the initial appointment. The Study Abroad Advisors will expect students to be prepared to discuss where geographically they would like to study and why as well as to identify any special academic needs. They will look at the student's personal, professional and academic goals in order to help the student to find a program that fits all of their needs.  Be prepared to bring detailed information on your degree requirements and prepare a Degree Status Worksheet

Please pay particular attention to number 6 on the worksheet.

Step 4: Application appointment (back to top)

Once students have decided, in consultation with the Study Abroad office and their Academic Advisor(s), where to apply, the Study Abroad office will begin the application with them and answer questions about the application process. Typically, some portion of the application must be completed by the Study Abroad advisor.  Students must turn in a copy of the completed application to our office along with all supplemental information (payment, photos, essay, and recommendations). We will keep a copy of the application in our files as a backup. For students who are starting the process late, the last day to START an application will be one week before the Trinity deadline (October 18th for the spring and March 18th for the fall, full year or summer). Some study abroad programs have earlier deadlines or rolling admissions that supersede the Trinity application deadline.

Step 5: Trinity Approval Forms (back to top)

Once your application is underway, you need to attend a Forms Session. Forms sessions are regularly scheduled every week, starting a month before the forms deadline.  In this session, students receive all the forms required by different offices of Trinity University for credit approval, room reservations, preparation for registration to return to campus, etc.,  and a copy of the Trinity University Study Abroad Manual. Nancy Ericksen, Assistant Director for Study Abroad,  leads this session and will explain how to fill out the forms, who must sign them, and why they are important. One of the forms in this session is the Course Approval Form, which allows students to have classes abroad pre-approve for major, minor, or Common Curriculum requirements.

Step 6: Submission Deadlines (back to top)

Students must turn in a copy of their completed application, a program budget, and the Trinity approval forms to the Study Abroad office. The last day that to submit applications is October 25th (to study abroad in the spring) or March 25th (to study abroad in the fall, full year or summer). The last day to turn in the Trinity University forms for Spring study abroad is October 31st, and March 31st for the Fall semester, Academic year and Summer.

Step 7: Pre-Departure Meeting (back to top)

Students must attend the Pre-Departure Meeting before they will be registered as study abroad students. This meeting is an opportunity to talk with returned study abroad students as well as receive general information and suggestions about living, studying and traveling abroad.

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