Study Abroad and Off Campus Study | Financial Aid & Costs

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Students are required to complete a budget as a part of the application process, and advisors discuss cost concerns with students as a part of the process of deciding where to study abroad from the beginning.

In many cases, the basic cost (tuition, room, and board) for a term abroad is about the same as for a similar term at Trinity. There are also many programs and locations that are more expensive than Trinity and others that are less expensive. Often this is a matter of location. For instance, the cost of living in Tokyo and London far exceeds the costs in San Antonio, and study in those locations is usually more expensive.

Of course, a part of the cost of going abroad is discretionary and students who are experienced at setting and managing a personal budget will best be able to manage the experience abroad and still include some personal travel and exploration.

Trinity works to make Study Abroad an option for all Trinity students. As a part of that, the registration fee for each term abroad is only $75.00.

Study Abroad Payment Procedures

Paying for the term abroad is usually one of the first questions families consider. Trinity strives to make Study Abroad an option for any student. How your payment is made and how applicable financial aid will be processed is determined in part by where the student has chosen to study abroad and influenced by the methods used to pay for college.

Trinity student Chris Klosowsky visits the Sydney Opera House while studying abroad in Australia.