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Kathy Bieser

Kathy Bieser '98

Once you talk with Kathy Bieser for a few moments, it comes as no surprise that she was presented recently with the H.E.B. Excellence in Education award. Read more >>>

Carol Casler

Carol Casler '67

Carol has had a myriad of positions, the common thread being the opportunities to help others reach their potential. Carol will tell you, "It has always been the people and relationships that have made the difference for me." Read more >>>

Mark Larson

Mark Larson '97

In the corporate world, the individual with the most power wins, but in Chief Executive Officer Mark Larson's universe, the key to success is knowledge, then power — through education. Read more >>>

Tim Miller

Tim Miller '94

Tim Miller holds several advanced degrees in addition to his Bachelor of Arts in humanities from Trinity, but he describes himself quite simply as . . . "A loving father and husband who leads by example and expects the most from the people with whom I live and work." Read more >>>

Kevin McConnell

Kevin McConnell '06

Kevin McConnell is, himself, an entrepreneur. He is very excited to be the new adjunct associate director for the Trinity University Center for Entrepreneurship. Read more >>>

Leo Sayavedra

Leo Sayavedra '61

After almost fifty years in public and higher education, Dr. Sayavedra "retired" in 2008. He continues his work in education through service on state and national boards, consulting and speaking engagements. Dr. Sayavedra's incredible life story has been featured in a series of articles by Tom Marshall in the Houston Chronicle. Read more >>>