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Trinity Mathematician Awarded Grant from National Institutes of Health

Professor Peter Olofsson uses math models to explore probabilities of human disease. more>>>

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The mathematics department at Trinity University offers the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics. The program of study is both rigorous and flexible. Its core ensures that students understand and appreciate the nature of mathematical thought and the role that abstraction and logic play in it. The electives enable students to tailor the program to fit their personal interests and professional aspirations.

The department offers a strong program both in the traditional areas of pure mathematics such as algebra, analysis and geometry, and in applied areas like modeling, statistics, and computation. The degree endows students with strong analytical and problem-solving skills and it provides them with the foundation for success in a wide variety of endeavors (including advanced studies and work in business and industry). 

The department also offers an 18-hour minor program that requires the completion of calculus I, II, and III along with three additional upper division courses.

Additionally, math students may participate in the biomathematics minor if their interests lie at the crossroads of biology and mathematics and how these two subject matters work together.

The Majors' Seminar actively engages math majors in research and discussion through four semesters of progressive participation.  Activities within the seminar include guest speakers from math-related fields, observation of peer research presentations, and participation in research during the final two semesters of the program.

The department is home to published professors who are passionate about teaching, researching, and collaborating with peers and students. The department is outfitted with top-of-the-line computer labs with the latest software where students can work on their undergraduate studies, conduct research and publish their work. The department also allows students to tutor peers in lower-division mathematics courses, apply for student awards, attend lectures by professionals working in the industry, and participate in activities outside of the classroom.


Mathematics Professor Brian Miceli brought his Introduction to Abstract Math class outside during a recent warm day on the Trinity campus.