Trinity University Alumni Association Chapters and Presidents

Office of Alumni Relations
One Trinity Place,
San Antonio, Texas 78212-7200
210-999-8489 fax
1-800-TU-ALUM1 1-800-882-5861

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The ones listed with * denote that they are not yet established chapters. They are in the formation stage.

*Albuquerque: Scott Webster '85,

Arizona: Bryan Bertucci '95,

AtlantaDan Wright '96, 

AustinRich Coffey '02,

The Bay Area: Walter Evans '07,

Chicago: Meghan Vincent '05,

ColoradoJenny Savage '05,

DallasNatalie Webb '04,

*Florida: Vacant,  Email if interested

Fort Worth: Bryan Cancel '98,

Houston: Craig Fecel '00,

*Kansas City: Travis Holt '06,

Greater Los Angeles: Matt Clark '92 ,

National Capital Area: Luke Peterson '02,

New England (includes New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut): Jessica Patrick  '02,

New York: Adrian Mendoza '06,

Oklahoma City: Melissa Heuer '01,

*Portland:  Nicole Roth '10,

San Antonio: Stacy Smith '04,

San Diego: Fritz Hesse '87,

: David Schlosser '90,

St. Louis
: Courtney Rawlins '00,

Tennessee: Leslie South '04,

*Tulsa: Hilary McKinney '07,

*West Texas:  John Grace '85,