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Trinity Mathematician Awarded Grant from National Institutes of Health

Professor Peter Olofsson uses math models to explore probabilities of human disease. more>>>

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Mark Girard, Class of 2010, is finishing his graduate work in Germany. Beginning in the Fall of 2012, he will begin attending the University of Calgary Physics Ph.D. program, where he will be studying mathematical aspects of quantum information.

Tim Amen, Class of 2011, is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Physics at Washington University.

Jennifer Fidler (formerly Emery), Class of 2008, is currently working as a Learning Support Assistant in the UK.

Brian Fitzpatrick, class of 2010, is pursuing a Mathematics Ph.D. at Duke University, where he passed his qualifying exams. 

Quentin Funk, Class of 2011, is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Mathematics at Rice University.

Jayde Gearing, Class of 2008, passed the second actuarial exam on financial mathematics and is working at EMB.

Lauren Hickman, Class of 2011, is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Mathematics Education at TX State, San Marcos.

Xin Ma, Class of 2011, is currently pursuing an M.S. in Financial Engineering at Cornell University.

Matt Maly, Class of 2010, is pursuing a Theoretical CS Ph.D. at Rice University.

Ollie McDonald, Class of 2009, is pursuing a Ph.D. in Statistics at Rice University, where he passed his qualifying exams.

Tim Nunamaker, Class of 2009, is currently working as an Associate Software Developer for HEB here in San Antonio.

Matt Patty, Class of 2009, is currently teaching mathematics at Jackson Middle School in San Antonio, Texas.

Rebecca Perryman (formerly Haas), Class of 2008, is pursuing graduate study in Industrial Engineering at Texas A&M University.

Nicholas Purgason, Class of 2007, is pursuing a Masters of Science in Quantitative Financial Analysis at UT, Arlington. His first album is also in production, and he is currently seeking an awesome guitarist in the greater Arlington area.

Dustin Ragan, Class of 2003, defended his Ph.D. thesis in March of 2010 at the MD Anderson Cancer Center at the UTHSC in Houston. He will soon be heading to Washington University in St. Louis as a post-doc.

Megan Tannehill (formerly Gallant), Class of 2007, works at Southwest Research Institute on a project involving the Cassini-Huygens Space Mission.

Jocelyn Thompson (formerly Stokes), Class of 2008, finished her Master's in Financial Mathematics at Florida State in May of 2010. She is currently working as a Business Analyst for Capital One.

David Stück, Class of 2010, is pursuing a Chemistry Ph.D. at Berkeley.

Kate Walker, Class of 2008, recently transferred to San Diego, CA, where she works as an actuarial analyst for EMB America, LLC.