Lawrence Frey

Lawrence  R.  Frey , Ph.D.

Ronald K. Calgaard Professor of Communication and Social Justice, Human Communication and Theatre

Education   Subjects Taught

Ph.D. - University of Kansas

M.A. - University of Kansas

B.S. - Northwestern University


Communication and Human Relations

Quantitative Research Methods

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Larry Frey is the Ronald K. Calgaard Professor of Communication and Social Justice in the Department of Speech and Drama at Trinity University. Prior to being at Trinity University, he taught at the University of Colorado at Boulder, The University of Memphis (where he was chair of the communication department), Loyola University Chicago, and Wayne State University.

My research seeks to (a) understand how participation in collective communicative practices (especially by those who are underresourced and marginalized) makes a difference in people's lives and (b) promote and engage in communication scholarship that intervenes into discourses to achieve social justice.

He teaches a quantitative methods course that is included in the understanding quantitative reasoning portion of the common curriculum, as well as a communication and human relations course that provides opportunities for students to understand more fully, critically reflect on, and enact alternatives to taken-for-granted concepts, principles, and practices associated with communication in interpersonal and small group settings. He is a recipient of the Outstanding Young Teacher Award from the Central States Communication Association and the Master Teacher Award from the Communication and Instruction Interest Group of the Western States Communication Association.

His communication activism for social justice approach to scholarship documents how communication scholars can use their theories, methods, pedagogies, and other practices to collaborate with those who are marginalized and oppressed to promote social justice. He is the author or editor of 16 books and more than 80 other publications, and the recipient of 20 awards for scholarship, including the Gerald M. Phillips Award for Distinguished Applied Communication Scholarship from the National Communication Association (NCA) and the Career Achievement Award from NCA's Group Communication Division. He is a past president of the Central States Communication Association and serves on numerous editorial boards.


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Community Involvement

Larry is new to San Antonio and learning the community landscape, but he undoubtedly will become involved with community organizations that are attempting to promote social justice. At previous universities, he served as the external evaluator of Turning the Wheel Productions, Inc., an intergenerational dance/theatre company committed to the collaborative creation of works of art that are accessible to people of all cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds, and was a volunteer and advocate for Bonaventure House, a residential facility for people living with AIDS. He is a recipient of the Joseph Cali Memorial Award for exemplary service to youth and community, from B.U.I.L.D. Inc.

Contact Information
Department of Human Communication and Theatre
Trinity University
One Trinity Place
San Antonio, TX 78212