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Our graduates have been to the ocean floor in the submersible Alvin, commanded spacecraft imaging the moons of Jupiter, detected the explosions on the Soviet submarine Kursk using military seismic networks, installed seismic instruments in Antarctica and starred in a Discovery Science Channel special on dinosaur paleontology.

Our graduates pursue careers in an amazing variety of professions. These include petroleum geology, environmental geology, university faculty, geography, environmental law, K-12 teaching, medicine, gemology, CIA, FBI, EPA, manufacturing artificial bone, investment banking, hotel management, adventure tours, software engineering, web development, homebuilding and many more.

If you are a prospective or current student, check out what you can do with a degree in Geosciences.

The department likes to keep up with their graduates' work, life and ongoing educational experiences. Below are some profiles of our exceptional Geosciences alumni. If you graduated with a Geosciences degree, feel free to contact the department and let us know what you've been up to.

Trinity Magazine Profiles

Annell Bay '77The Search Goes On “It's a risky business,” says Annell Bay '77, who joined Houston's Marathon Oil Corporation in 2008 as senior vice president, exploration, and whose decisions about where and where not to drill can impact her company's return on investment by millions of dollars.


Celina and Marina Suarez '03Paleo ... anything! Two summers ago, twin-sister scientists Celina and Marina Suarez '03 were scouring the slopes of oven-hot Utah just south of Green River in the terra publica of the Bureau of Land Management.


Ana Unruh '96Science Turns Political Imagine Ronald Reagan's reaction reading the letter from Ana Unruh '96-who was in first grade at the time-petitioning the Gipper to rescue the American Bald Eagle from its perch on the brink of extinction.


Les Bleamaster '98Water, Water-Everywhere The clock is ticking on a perfectly temperate Tucson Tuesday morning in early March as Leslie Bleamaster '98 and his colleagues at the Planetary Science Institute eagerly await the big news of the day: NASA has promised “significant findings” from Opportunity, one of its newest Mars rovers.


Alumni Profiles

Rock Solid Annell Bay ’77 is now the Americas regional exploration vice president for Shell E&P but she has a different spin on what made her Trinity experience unique.
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Living Green Inside the Beltway Ana Unruh Cohen '96 serves as the senior policy advisor for Global Warming in Washington D.C. She says the position gives her the opportunity to raise the issue and to make recommendations to Congress. Ana received her degree in chemistry.
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