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The Department of Geosciences believes that learning happens both in and outside of the classroom. Students who major or take courses in Geosciences have the opportunity to participate in a variety of co-curricular activities, awards and other opportunities related to this field of study.

Geology Club - The club takes field trips and performs service work and is open to students interested in Geology.

Delta Xi Honor Society - Trinity is the home of the Delta Xi chapter of Sigma Gamma Epsilon, the national honor society for the Earth sciences.

Scholarships and Awards - Geosciences students are eligible for financial assistance through the Robert Noyce Scholarship program and the Financial Aid for Science and Technology (FAST) Student Grant.

Field Camps and Other Opportunities - Students have the chance and are encouraged to take advantage of the many field trip and research options available.

Undergraduate Research - Check out a list of recent research projects from Trinity Geosciences students, some of whom presented at conferences throughout the United States.

Resources - View a page of useful links to professional organizations and other important resources for those interested in Geosciences.

Student Publications and Presentations - View a list of articles published by Trinity students in some of the most prestigious publications in the field. Also listed are presentations made by Trinity students at professional meetings and symposiums.

Majors' Field Trip 2009