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1101 Physical Geology Laboratory
Hands-on investigations of geologic materials and processes, including minerals, rocks, topographic and geologic maps. Projects will include topics in environmental geology and volcanology.

1303 Volcanology

The study of volcanoes with emphasis on volcanic morphology, eruptive mechanisms, rock types, and magmatic properties and processes.

1304 Environmental Geology
A study of the environment that humans inhabit on Earth.

1306 History and Evolution of Life
A study of major events in the history and evolution of life.

1407 Exploring Earth
An inquiry-based introduction to the Earth, geological materials, and processes.

2401 Earth History
A study of the significance of time as reflected in the rock and fossil record, with emphasis on understanding geological processes within a time framework.

2304 Earth Surface Processes
A survey of the important processes that create landforms on the Earth's surface.

3300 Oceanography
A study of the geologic, chemical, physical and biological aspects of the Earth's oceans.

3307 Planetary Geology
An introduction to the geologic processes that operate on the surfaces and within the interiors of rocky ice-rich objects in the Solar System.

3308 GIS and Remote Sensing
An introduction to computer based mapping and spatial data analysis used in earth and life sciences and environmental monitoring and management.

3309 Tectonics
A study of the tectonic processes of the Earth with emphasis on the historical development of tectonic theory and current research in tectonics.

3319 Field Geology in China
An integrative course that allows students to investigate the full spectrum of marine tropical carbonate platform and reef environments and to employ basic geologic field methods and advanced stratigraphic concepts to investigate the history and evolution of an ancient marine seaway.

3400 Earth Materials
An introduction to the origin, classification, and identification of minerals and rocks, including topics related to crystal systems and structures, bonding, mineral chemistry, the nature of magma, solidification of magma, magma genesis and evolution, types of metamorphism, metamorphic mineral reactions, metamorphic zones and facies, determination of metamorphic grade, and the importance of mineral and rock resources to our society.

3401 Structural Geology
A study of the mechanics of crustal deformation in the context of plate tectonics.

3402 Paleontology
A study of invertebrate fossils, their classification, morphology, and geologic history.

3405 Field Methods in Quaternary Geology
A study of the tectonic and climatic controls on long-term landscape evolution.

3411 Hydrology
A description of the terrestrial hydrologic cycle and its fundamental components including precipitation, evapotranspiration, infiltration, hillslope hydrology, runoff, flood hydrology, and groundwater flow.

3312 Environmental and Exploration Geophysics
An introduction to the use of physical principles and measurements in the study of the Earth's subsurface, with an emphasis on applications in environmental science, engineering, mineral exploration, and archaeology.

3120 Majors' Field Trip
Field study of selected areas in Texas and surrounding regions: emphasis on developing observational and interpretative skills in the field. May only be taken on a Pass/Fail basis.

3321 Geochemistry
A study of geochemical principles and their application in solving geologic problems.

3422 Sedimentology and Stratigraphy
The identification, description, and interpretation of sediments, sedimentary rocks, and sedimentary strata; an introduction to the principles of stratigraphy and of sedimentary processes as they relate to modern depositional systems and their ancient analogs.

3423 Basin Analysis
Application of stratigraphic concepts to the study of basin evolution and the environmental history and geometry of sedimentary rock successions. Emphasis will be placed on tectonic evolution of basins, principles of stratigraphic correlation, carbonate depositional systems, sequence stratigraphy, event stratigraphy, stratigraphic modeling, and hydrocarbon systems. Laboratory experiments with outcrop sample suites, core and subsurface geophysical data sets.

3-90 Directed Studies - Junior Level
Individual work under supervision. Credit may vary.

3-91 Special Topics
An in-depth study of a topic in geosciences that is otherwise not covered in existing courses.

4301 Land Use, Geology, and the Environment
The study of local, regional, and worldwide land use issues in the context of geological and environmental processes.

4395 Thesis Research
Student research conducted under the supervision of a Trinity University faculty member leading to written communication of the research in thesis format.

4396 Thesis Research and Presentation
A continuation of student project begun in GEOS 4395. Students are required to write and defend their thesis according to University guidelines set forth in this Bulletin.

4-90 Directed Studies - Senior Level
Individual work under supervision. Credit may vary.