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Trinity University
Geosciences Department
One Trinity Place #45
San Antonio, Texas 78212-7200
Phone: (210) 999-7606
Fax: (210) 999-7090
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The Department of Geosciences offer two degree programs. The B.S. degree in Geosciences is designed for students pursuing careers as geoscientists and includes specified cognate requirements in mathematics, chemistry and physics.

The B.A. program in Earth Systems is designed for students with interests in teaching, law, business administration, environmental analysis, remote sensing and geographic information systems, or other disciplines requiring a fundamental understanding of geosciences. The B.A. degree has flexible math and science cognate requirements and includes cognate requirements in environmentally-related social sciences. With its added flexibililty, this degree program is also ideal for students pursuing double majors.

Course offerings include core classes in environmental and physical geology, earth history, earth materials, earth surface processes, structural geology and tectonics, combined with a diverse range of electives that include sedimentology and stratigraphy, hydrology, oceanography, geophysics, quarternary field geology, remote sensing and geographics information systems. We stress field work in all appropriate classes at all levels. The combination of climate and the geographic and geologic setting of San Antonio provides students with many opportunities to develop their geologic education and skills in the field.

Additionally, the department offers a minor for students who desire to study geosciences in some depth although their major is in another field.