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Oct. 25, 1:30 - 2:20 PM, Chapman Center room 031
Dr. Dominique Raynaud will present “Air bubbles in ice, a cornucopia of climate information.” Refreshments at 1:15 PM.


Dr. Diane Smith was named Outstanding Educator by the Association for Women Geoscientists.


Download "Summer 2013 Research" Powerpoint


2012 Geosciences Alumni Field Trip Photos


GeoNews - Department Newsletter

Trinity students visit the Phoenix Mountains during a recent Majors' Field Trip to Arizona.

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Trinity University's Department of Geosciences and its faculty bring the tools of physics, chemistry, biology, computational science and mathematics to bear on the understanding of our home planet, Earth.

Our goal is to allow each student to develop a thorough understanding of Earth systems and their transformation through time. This understanding includes the exploration for, and conservation of, natural resources, as well as the impact that humans have had, and will have, on the Earth.

To this end, we offer core courses in the fundamentals of geosciences as well as specialized courses including volcanology, geographic information systems, remote sensing, geophysics and hydrology, and our majors enhance their studies with supporting course work in mathematics, chemistry, biology and physics.

Additionally, students have access to top-notch facilities and experiences outside of the classroom that help them in whatever they choose to do after Trinity.

Faculty Profile

Glenn Kroeger

Predicting Earthquakes

Geoscientist Glenn Kroeger focuses on how, not if, temblors will happen.