Kimberley A. Phillips

Kimberley  A.  Phillips , Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Psychology

Education   Subjects Taught

Ph.D. - The University of Georgia

M.S. - The University of Georgia

B.S. - Wofford College


Introduction to Neuroscience

Neuroscience Laboratory

Principles of Psychology

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My research program focuses on understanding the neurological and biological basis of primate behavior, particularly skilled motor actions. Most of my research utilizes capuchin monkeys as a model for these investigations. Capuchins are known for their manual dexterity and manipulative propensities in foraging contexts, making them an excellent model to investigate questions pertaining to behavioral and neural aspects of skilled behavior. We use the non-invasive methods of MRI and DTI for brain imaging, and present various problem-solving tasks to the monkeys to measure motor skill and hand use.


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Community Involvement

Councilor of the Alamo Chapter, Society for Neuroscience

Treasurer, American Society of Primatologists

Member, Animal Care Committee

Member, Lecturers and Visiting Scholars Committee

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Department of Psychology
Trinity University
One Trinity Place
San Antonio, TX 78212


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