Communication Management | Minor

Communication Management
J. Charlene Davis
Trinity University
One Trinity Place
San Antonio, TX 78212-7200

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The interdisciplinary minor in communication management, requiring 24 semester hours, is based upon the historical views of the practical nature of communication management and its focus on convergence of interests within the three departments who contribute courses - human communication and theatre, communication, and business administration.

Students studying communication management are exposed to a broad range of theories and methodologies for examining the content and application of individual and organizational uses of communication, including how to shape and create effective messages as well as how to critically evaluate and consume in reasoned and informed ways.

The Minor

The requirements for a minor in Communication Management are:

24 semester hours consisting of 15 hours in required courses and 3 hours in each elective area.

Required Courses: 15 hours
COMM 3360 (Principles of Public Relations)
HCOM 3334 (Persuasion)
HCOM 3360 (Small Group Communication)
MGMT 2301 (Management of Organizations)
MKTG 2301 (Principles of Marketing)

Communication Elective: 3 hours
COMM 3362 (Media Law and Policy)
COMM 3363 (Media Management)
COMM 3364 (Ethics and the Mass Media)

Business Elective: 3 hours
MGMT 3371 (Human Resources Management)
MGMT 3372 (Organizational Behavior)
MKTG 3381 (Consumer Behavior)
MKTG 3382 (Promotion Management)
MKTG 4381 (Marketing Management)

Human Communication Elective: 3 hours
BUSN 3311 (Organizational Communication) (also listed as HCOM 3362)
HCOM 1333 (Public Speaking)
HCOM 3362 (Organizational Communication) (also listed as BUSN 3311)
*HCOM 4397 (Human Communication Internship)

* As approved by minor adviser.

Faculty Advisory Committee

J. CHARLENE DAVIS, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Business Administration; Chair

JENNIFER J. HENDERSON, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Communication

JOHN M. McGRATH, Ph.D., Professor, Human Communication and Theatre