Languages Across the Curriculum


David Spener


Stephen Field


Languages Across the Curriculum
Trinity University
One Trinity Place
San Antonio, TX 78212-7200

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The mission of the Languages Across the Curriculum program is to expand foreign-language learning opportunities through courses and experiences in a broad range of disciplines and contexts. This program provides an avenue for students to apply their language skills in fields not traditionally the focus of modern language department curricula. Students will learn in the target language the vocabulary, terminology, and concepts used in academic or professional disciplines and will read from scholarly or professional works published in that language. This exposure will prepare students for graduate study in academic fields for which English is not the primary language, as well as for professional work in non English-speaking countries or communities.

Students are eligible to take LAC courses after they have completed the 2302 course or have achieved equivalent proficiency in their chosen language. Enrollment in an appropriate course will give them practice in using professional and academic Chinese, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, or Spanish in special courses in the humanities, social, and natural sciences. Some of these courses are coordinated with existing upper-division courses that are taught in English and students may enroll in both. Other LAC courses are taught separately as "stand-alone" courses. All LAC courses make extensive use of the target foreign language and most use it as the medium of instruction.