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Not having enough information is the biggest challenge students face when experiencing difficulty in selecting a major.  Keep in mind, Trinity students have until the 2nd semester of their Sophomore year (58 completed hours) to make a final decision on major.  Even then, students can still change majors.  This means that students have nearly 2 years to explore the campus enviromnent, get to know faculty and develop or articulate career-related interests.  Some of the best advice to get started in major selection is make the best grades you can from the very beginning.  Get involved outside of class, explore your world and have major conversations with your peers, mentors and faculty.

After all of the initial exploaration many students still are asking questions or are confused about major selection when the time comes.  If facing this challenge, you are certainly not the first.  Career Services offers advisement and career-based assessments to help determinie interest, skills, work valuses and personality.  While assessments do not offer you a definite answer to the "perfect major" question, they can help you understand you a little better or reassure you of your career direction.  Some students have problems committing to a major and want to make sure they are on the right path in their decision.

Finally, after selecting a major the process is not over.  The next task may be determining what occupation to pursue related to major.  Career Services has a variety of resources to assist with that decision-making process as well.

Besides making an appointment with Career Services a good place to start is our 4 -Year Career Plan.

Selecting A Major