Counseling Services

Coates University Center

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The college experience can be challenging to students--and the parents who care about them. During their Trinity career, many students face developmental challenges such as homesickness or coping with a painful relationship break-up. Others experience intense worry or depression.  And some continue to struggle with mental health issues from high school.

Counseling Services compassionately provides three primary ways of assisting Trinity students and those who care about them.  How may we help you?

Consultation & Counseling for Students

Three licensed psychologists provide free, confidential consultation and short-term counseling services to enrolled students.  A student can see a counselor for an Initial Consultation by either of the following options:  

  • By Appointment (call or visit the office during office hours to schedule)
  • During Walk-in Hours (first-come, first seen)

We are committed to providing accessable, high-quality, culturally-sensitive services.  We affirm the wide diversity of our clientele, which includes students of color, international students, LGBT students, and students from all socio-economic backgrounds and with varying religious/spiritual beliefs.  Anonymous client feedback attests to student satisfaction as well as to the variety of benefits our clients receive. 

Consultation for Concerned Parents and Others

In respect for student autonomy, we do not contact students about whom others are concerned.  However, we welcome the opportunity to consult with parents and other concerned persons to facilitate a collaborative response to a student of concern.

Crisis Response

Each evening and weekend during fall and spring semester, one of our psychologists is on duty as the on-call counselor and is available to assist students in crisis.

Counseling Services is a member of the Division of Student Affairs.



215 Coates University Center

(Above the bookstore)


Office Hours:

8 to 5 Monday-Friday


Initial Consultation

by Appointment

8 to 5 Monday-Friday

or during Walk-In Hours

3 to 4:30 Monday-Friday

(fall & spring semester)



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