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Student Leader Spotlight Recipients of the Month

March 2014
Navid Leelani



CCI congratulates student, Navid Leelani, as the March 2014 Student Leader Spotlight Recipient! Navid is currently a junior, majoring in Biology and Biomath, who was nominated by his peer, Laura Kalb, who serves as the director of the Student Programming Board. Navid was nominated for his outstanding commitment and leadership as the associate director of general programming for the Student Programming Board and as a staff member for Residential Life. In addition to these two leadership positions, Navid has also been involved with several diversity clubs, intramurals, and scientific research. His nominator described him by saying, “He is and has always been a dependable member of Student Programming Board” as well noting his excellent event planning which has been in the frontline of unifying the Trinity community. Navid recognizes that a leader is someone who, “Helps the people he works with to grow into future leaders and know[s] when to take [his] hands off the steering wheel and let someone else take over and gain that experience in leadership.” Navid balances all his commitments by setting aside different times during the week for both relaxation and pleasure. He also acknowledges that his involvement on campus is something he truly enjoys doing and is really “just a big study break” for him. Navid’s advice for students to get more involved on campus is to just put yourself out there and if “people know that you are interested and motivated they will find a way to utilize you in some way or another”. In terms of a leadership model, Navid works to emulate Chelsea Clinton as a leadership model, admiring her resolve and will saying, “Despite everything that she has gone through in her past, she is a strong woman that doesn't let anyone bring her down.”



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