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Cognitive Science
Curtis Brown
Trinity University
One Trinity Place
San Antonio, TX 78212-7200

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Note: The Interdisciplinary Minor in Cognitive Science is currently being phased out. Students already enrolled in the minor will be able to complete it, but we are unable to accept new students.

Trinity's interdisciplinary minor in cognitive science gives students the opportunity to study the nature of cognition from the point of view of a variety of different fields.

These include cognitive psychology, artificial intelligence, and the philosophy of mind, all sharing a common interest in the nature of knowledge, the means by which it is stored, acquired, and retrieved, and the ways it is used in thinking and problem solving.

Courses in the minor allow our students to bring the theories and methods of these various disciplines to bear on a common set of problems.

Faculty members from the philosophy, psychology, and computer science departments have come together to offer courses for this interdisciplinary minor.

Students who minor in cognitive science frequently pursue graduate work in the field. Trinity graduates have been accepted at programs including Purdue University, Washington University, University of Texas, California at Berkeley, Georgia Institute of Technology, and University of South Florida. Visit our alumni section for more information.

Faculty Profile

Professor Yu Zhang

Artificial Intelligence – the Real Deal

Yu Zhang is the first to admit that artificial intelligence can be very exciting in the movies, but what makes it attractive to her is how scientists are using computers and artificial intelligence to simulate and study real world social trends.