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We invite you to subscribe to a listserv called ParentTalk. This listserv allows parents to exchange information, ask one another questions, share advice, etc. University staff will respond to questions and offer occasional updates.

To subscribe, simply send a blank e-mail to:

Your subscription will generally be active within 24 to 48 hours. You will receive a confirmation when completed.

ParentTalk Subscriber Information

ParentTalk is a communication tool designed for Trinity parents to communicate with one another about common issues and questions.
Please observe these few list service guidelines:
  • The purpose of the list service is to serve parents of Trinity University students. Please exchange information that is related to the activities and issues of the University, its parents and students.
  • Please do not use the list service for any other business, solicitation or promotion.
  • Please do not provide e-mail addresses to any other list service or outside group. If forwarding items to others outside of the list service members, please remove identifying information such as e-mail addresses of other parents.
  • Members may choose to respond to the entire list service or to individuals. Please consider sending individual e-mail replies when the topic is not applicable to all subscribers.
  • Please include a subject line in your e-mail so other parents can determine, at a glance, whether or not they wish to open that e-mail.
  • If possible, please send messages in "plain text" format. This minimizes the inclusion of extraneous characters for those receiving daily digests. Please delete most of the previous message you are responding to before sending.

To send messages, simply e-mail

In an effort to give subscribers control over their own ParentTalk settings, you are directed to the private Web page sent you in the welcome message (if you don't remember the Web page, send an e-mail to ParentTalk and someone will remind you).

The Web page offers you an opportunity to read recent and past messages by clicking on the "Messages" tab and review past messages or messages by subject by clicking on the "Search" tab. (In fact, you may wish to always read messages through the web page - as it is cleaner - and simply delete the digest as you receive it.)

From this screen you may also log-in. (You may want to do this to set when and how you receive your messages.) Go to the "My Account" tab and logon with your e-mail address. You won't know your password but you may obtain it by typing any random characters in the password field and selecting "okay." Since this password will be incorrect you will have an opportunity to select the prompt to e-mail you your password as a reminder OR you can send an e-mail to with no subject and "query parenttalk" (without the quotes) as the body.

You will receive an e-mail that tells you your password.

You have the flexibility to experiment with various delivery methods and choose the one best suited to your needs. Here are some of the delivery options you are offered:

normal: receive messages as they are contributed (this is for those who wish
to receive messages as soon as they are sent to the list)

digest: one daily message with all contributions for that day (This is for those who wish to receive their messages just once each day. With this setting, you might receive extra extraneous characters in your messages.) You may want to use this format and simply delete the daily message, instead, choosing to view recent messages directly from the web page.

mimedigest: one daily message with all contributions for that day in MIME format (This will allow you to receive the messages from the day as attachments. The first attachment will list the subject of the other attachments. You will then be able to click on those messages and they will appear as they were sent, without all of the extraneous characters. This setting may be cumbersome for those who must download each

If you make any changes, please remember to click on the "save changes" button.

To unsubscribe, log-in, click on the "My Forums" tab, and click on unsubscribe.
(Save this message for future reference.)

Thank you for being an active participant in your child's Trinity University experience.

Problems or questions?
Please contact the Dean of Students at