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Some students begin their course work in psychology with very definite ideas about a future career. Other students know only that they are attracted to the field. In both cases, we suggest that you wait until you have taken a few courses before you become committed to the idea of a particular career. You might start out thinking that you want to be a clinical psychologist and later realize that you are more interested in research on basic cognition (or you might make the opposite change).

Also, you will find that the department does not offer or even value specialized courses. An undergraduate major should give you a solid foundation across the areas of the discipline, because you need such a foundation to do well in future work, regardless of the direction you take. Beyond valuing this broad background, our department stresses the importance of methodological training. Our sequence of courses in statistics, methods, and supervised research is intended to train students to think critically about psychological phenomena and to make them aware of the intellectual values of the discipline. These aims are important, regardless of the direction you take after leaving Trinity.

Additionally, students who wish to have a research experience similar to graduate training may elect to write a thesis. The experience provides a capstone for the student's four years at Trinity. It also prepares students well for writing Master's Theses in some graduate programs.

A minor in psychology may be obtained by successful completion of at least 18 semester hours. At least nine of these hours must be at the upper-division level. We recommend that you select the appropriate courses to complement your major or primary emphases of study in consultation with an advisor.

Visit the courses of study bulletin for more information on courses and requirements, or read about the department's course study recommendations.