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Trinity University's Master of Science in Accounting program was launched in fall 1997 in response to a change in educational requirements for students who intend to take the Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination. The liberal arts background of Trinity's undergraduate students has always been deemed desirable by potential employers (including the Big Four) that recruit Trinity's accounting majors each year. Nonetheless, the program seeks to better prepare students for a lifetime of learning and professional development, rather than just for an entry-level position.

The M.S. in Accounting program is the capstone to a process that begins with Trinity accounting students during their junior year, when they engage in numerous activities that acquaint them with the accounting profession and prepare them for senior year internships in which the majority of students participate.

Because of the shift of additional accounting courses to the graduate year, Trinity students also have some flexibility in their undergraduate program to add another area of study, while continuing to develop their technical, theoretical, and interpersonal skills during their graduate year. Although the majority of students entering the M.S. in accounting program are Trinity undergraduates, the program also welcomes students from other universities each year. Students who meet the requirements, and are accepted into the program, engage in a curriculum that stresses the development of communication and analytical skills and that incorporates projects and computer simulations based on actual events occurring in the world of business today.

Close interaction between students and professors is emphasized in all courses. Students, as well, get to know each other as they work on various small group projects. The majority of Trinity M. S. in Accounting graduates accepts employment with the Big Four upon completion of their program, while others choose to accept employment offers from other national, regional, and local CPA firms.