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Modern Languages & Literatures
Bladimir Ruiz, Chair
Trinity University
One Trinity Place
San Antonio, TX 78212-7200
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Trinity's modern languages and literatures department offers majors and minors in five modern languages: Chinese, French, German, Russian, and Spanish. There is also an opportunity for students to take courses in Arabic, Italian, and Japanese or Korean through the Self Instruction Language Program.

More information on our Majors & Minors areas:

Courses in modern languages and literatures teach students how to use the language in a practical setting and ensure students understand the grammar of the language. In addition, the curriculum provides an array of courses that give special attention to the history of the language, knowledge of the culture of those who speak the language, and literature in that language from historical, theoretical, generic, and other perspectives. 

Our faculty are an integral part of the student experience allowing it to go beyond the classroom, with several on- and off-campus opportunities including study abroad, the Trinity Madrid Summer Program, China in the Schools, internships, involvement with EAST (East Asian Studies at Trinity), MAS (Mexico, the Americas, and Spain), and LAC (language across the curriculum). Additionally, students can participate in our German, French, and Chinese honor societies.

The critical thinking skills and knowledge of foreign languages and the cultures from which those languages originated provides our students with an advantage in the fast-growing competitive environment of today's global marketplace.

Alumni from our program have pursued graduate school, teaching positions, and careers at internationally based organizations. Read more about our alumni.

A Modern Languages and Literatures student takes in some architecture during a recent trip to Segovia, Spain.