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Department of Political Science
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Trinity's Political Science programs offer students an extensive course curriculum, taught by expert faculty in an effort to prepare them for their future endeavors, whether that be graduate school, law school or professional work.

Students can receive a Bachelor's of Arts degree or minor in political science with the program offering courses in five concentrations:

Comparative/international politics - designed for students interested in international affairs.

American Politics - intended for students with an interest in political campaigns and/or public affairs.

American Politics and Law - focuses on analytical skills in preparation for legal studies.

American Public Policy - focuses on policy and policy analysis.

General Political Science - designed for students with a broad interest in political science and who wish to explore many aspects of the discipline without choosing a specific concentration.

Additionally, students have opportunities to gain experience in the field through local, national, and international internships.

The student experience extends outside the classroom through a variety of activities, including the student initiated debates, the national political science honor society (Pi Sigma Alpha), and the various internships and study abroad opportunities.

Our faculty possess diverse perspectives and expertise, teaching to a variety of theories and practices from many regions around the world in order to provide students with the information they need to make informed decisions on local, national, and international political issues.

More than sixty percent of our alumni pursue graduate studies and many go on to work in law. Alumni also enter into careers in government, international affairs, non-profit organizations, political campaigns, interest group advocacy, public relations, communications, teaching, print journalism, and broadcast news. Read more about our alumni.