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Department of Religion
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The religion curriculum provides an opportunity for students to become familiar with the history and principal features of the world's major religious traditions as well as some of the significant alternatives to traditional religions. The curriculum also provides students with the critical tools, methods, and insights to deal with religious questions, religious claims, and religious aspects of personal and social life in an informed and mature manner.

The department of religion offers a program of study leading to a B.A. degree that will prepare students for graduate study in the field or contribute toward whatever vocational plans they may have. Many students pursue a double major in religion and another discipline in order to enhance opportunities for graduate study or employment. Others choose to pursue a minor in religion.

Students who major (and minor) in religion enter a variety of fields after earning their degree. Some graduates continue their academic study of religion in graduate programs in order to become teachers, some enter theological seminaries, and some have used their degrees in creative and innovative ways to enter the fields of journalism, law, medicine, business administration, and the arts.