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Kimberley Phillips


Trinity University
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San Antonio, TX 78212-7200

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A neuroscience major combines coursework in chemistry, psychology, and biology to provide an understanding of the nature and function of the nervous system, from the molecular to the behavioral level. A Bachelor of Science in neuroscience provides a foundation for students interested in medical school, graduate study or a career in the health professions.

Faculty from a variety of scientific disciplines teach courses that allow neuroscience majors to examine a wide spectrum of topics and approaches to the study of neural systems. In addition, our students have a wide variety of research options, including projects that allow them to work alongside faculty examining the molecular, cognitive, and behavioral aspects of the discipline. Some students pursue opportunities on campus, while others engage in research at graduate and medical-school laboratories with which Trinity has collaborative ties.

Neuroscience majors have access to nearly $4 million in advanced scientific instrumentation that spans Trinity's biology, chemistry and psychology departments. Professors engaged in the program have received grants from the National Institute of Health, the National Science Foundation, and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute to fund programs and research.

As a result of our hands-on approach to instruction, neuroscience majors present research posters and oral presentations at national and regional meetings, and some even see their findings published in peer-reviewed journals. This immersion in undergraduate research helps build successful communication skills and builds groundwork for future scientific endeavors.