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Want to check out more information on the fraternities? Look at the Standards Report for Fall of 2013.


Bengal Lancers
Founding Year: 1956
Nickname: Lancers
Philanthropy: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Colors: Red and White 
President: William Holt
Recruitment Contact:

Members: 17
Fall 2013
GPA: 2.948

Alumni Advisor: Lee Patterson
Standards of Excellence: Academics, Alumni Relations & Service

Chi Delta Tau 
Founding Year:

Nickname: Delts
Philanthropy: All Can Ski
Colors: Gold, Brown, and white
President: Scott Van Tilburg
Recruitment Contact: David Reeves & Travis Hindle
Fall 2013
 GPA: 3.265

Alumni Advisor: Drew Mallender
Standards of Excellence: Academics & Alumni Relations

Iota Chi Rho 
Founding Year:

Nickname: I-Chi
Philanthropy: RAMP
Colors: Hunter Green and Silver
Symbols: Ka the Snake
President: Patrick Malinowski
Recruitment Contacts:
Shree Deshpande & Austen Yorko

Fall 2013 GPA: 2.576
Alumni Advisor: RC Pate
Standards of Excellence: Alumni Relations

Kappa Kappa Delta
Founding Year: 1987

Nickname: Kappas
Philanthropy: MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving)
Colors: Royal Blue, Grey, and White
Symbols: White Rose
President: Adhwaith Mani
Recruitment Contacts: Will Manges & Alex Bakanidze
Members: 19
Fall 2013 GPA: 3.075
Alumni Advisor: Bobby Majumder
Standards of Excellence: None

Omega Phi
Founding Year: 1979         Nickname: O-Phi                   
Crimson and Gold

President: Matthew Mitts
Recruitment Contact:
Members: 57
Fall 2013 GPA: 3.261
Alumni Advisor:
Standards of Excellence:


Phi Sigma Chi
Founding Year: 1996

Nickname: Phi Sigs
Philanthropy: Any Baby Can, Dance Marathon Co-Sponsor
Colors: Black and Silver
President: Taylor Nielsen
Recruitment Contact: Chase Lee & Adam Thomas
Members: 41
Fall 2013 GPA: 3.272
Alumni Advisor: Brian Bachman
Standards of Excellence: Academics & Alumni Relations

Pi Kappa Alpha
Chapter's Founding: 2008
Nickname: PIKE
Boys & Girls Club
Colors: Garnet & Gold
President: Frankie Arndt
Recruitment Contacts: Robert Matsuura & Patrick Freitag
Members: 33
Fall 2013 GPA: 3.128
Alumni Advisor: JT Thompson
Standards of Excellence: Alumni Relations

Founding Year:
Nickname: Teers
Colors: Red, Gold, and Blue

President:  Gibson Hatch
Recruitment Contact: James Clarke
Members: 8
Fall 2013 GPA: n/a
Alumni Advisor: Joe Montagna
Standards of Excellence: (Did not participate in Standards of Excellence due to rechartering)


Pi Kappa Alpha