Stephen Field

Stephen  Lee  Field , Ph.D.

J.K. and Ingrid Lee Professor of Chinese; Co-Director of EAST, Modern Languages and Literatures

Education   Subjects Taught

Ph.D. - University of Texas At Austin

B.A. - University of Texas at Austin


Modern Standard Chinese

Classical Chinese Poetry

Ancient Chinese Divination

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Stephen Field came to Trinity from the College of William & Mary in 1990 to found the Chinese program. Subsequently, in 1995, Trinity became the second of only two universities in Texas to boast a major in Chinese.

My primary goal as head of the Chinese program is to dispel the myth that China is inscrutable while convincing students that the Chinese language, while not easy, is so fascinating that its study is well worth the effort.

A native of Texas, Professor Field's interest in Chinese was inspired by his reading of the Beat poets in high school. Gary Snyder's descriptions of the Pacific Northwest, painted in the style of the medieval Chinese landscape poets, inspired him to study the literature and philosopy of China. His dissertation was a study of the "field and garden" poets, a branch of nature poetry akin to pastoral in the West.


Ancient Chinese Divination. University of Hawaii Press, 2009.

Community Involvement

As a member of Trinity's NCTA faculty (National Consortium on Teaching about Asia), Professor Field leads annual seminars for San Antonio area middle and high school teachers on the subject of ancient Chinese thought.

Trinity Involvement

Co-director of the EAST Project
Faculty Advisor of the Chinese Culture Club Coordinator of the East Asian Language and Culture floor of McLean Hall.


While Professor Field is well-known among scholars of Early China, perhaps his greatest claim to fame in the Internet Age is his expertise in fengshui, the Chinese art of dwelling orientation. His website -- The Fengshui Gate --is one of the web's oldest and most popular on this subject.

Contact Information
Department of Modern Languages and Literatures
Trinity University
One Trinity Place
San Antonio, TX 78212

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