Alexis Ferraro

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Alexis Ferraro '04 — Love Story

The power of love is part of this marketing director’s job description as she helps bring like-minded singles together through the power of the Internet.

By Donna Parker


Alex FerraroGirls' Weekend in Brooklyn at Biblio restaurant. L to R: Amanda Cornwell Crouch '05, Alexis Ferraro '04, Lauren Thompson Madrid '05, Lyla El-Messidi Hampton '05, Erin O'Connor '04

"I'm selling the emotion that everybody wants," explains Alexis Ferraro, senior director of marketing and communications for

It's a position she's held for two years, although she's been with the popular dating website since 2005.

"Marketing this brand is a very fulfilling role," explains Alexis. "I am passionate about helping others and inspiring people to realize that they can use us to find love and complete that partnership they're seeking."

Alexis says she's lucky to work with her great team as she brands content, runs television production, and manages public relations and social communications for Alexis is behind the scenes on most Match TV commercials as she casts and produces stories of real people going on a first date made possible by Match. They're a few of the more than 15 million website members.

"People who use online dating are normal, busy people. Often, they are mobile, traveling for their jobs and this is just another way to meet efficiently," says Alexis, who has used the site in her own personal life.

"I meet people through friends. Match is one of the ways, but it's not the only way," she laughs.

There are hundreds of thousands of successful love stories, including the occupational therapist in LA, too busy to date around, went through, found true love and is having her first baby in just a few months. Or the three sisters, all barbers, who found love on Match, married and are all having children at the same time.

Alexis says the popularity of online dating contributes to the proliferation of other Match-owned related sites including for those who are 50+.

"We all want companionship. People are living longer and want to find someone to share their love with."

When she's not busy with modern-day matchmaking, Alexis, who lives in the heart of downtown Dallas, takes in concerts, travels and loves hanging out with friends-most of whom she made while attending Trinity.

"For me, the friendships and the great education at Trinity helped me choose my path. I belonged to so many groups-Spanish Club, Trinity Choir, and the Catholic student group. It was a great atmosphere."

Alexis, who describes herself as passionate, hard working, and independent, recently celebrated a girls' weekend in New York City with her Trinity friends. The group actually Skypes or does Google Hangouts every Sunday to keep up with each other's busy lives-a modern day solution to meeting up and maintaining a relationship.

"In terms of preparing me for a career, my adviser, Charlene Davis, is still a really great connection. I took so many of her marketing classes and observed her major passion for marketing, as well as learning about the numerous industries I could go into. Even now, when I'm building out strategies and marketing plans, I will call her for advice."

"The marketing landscape is continually changing and the students get another marketing perspective from my relationship with this iconic, Texas-based brand."

Alexis, who majored in business and Spanish, chose Trinity in the early decision process, recognizing her desire for a small school with lots of possibilities. She studied abroad and loved touring Europe with the choir group.

"I wanted a hands-on experience and a place where professors knew your name, and that is certainly what I got at Trinity."

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Story posted:  October 2013