Landscaping Renovation Taking Place to Improve Emergency Access to Campus

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Jun. 25, 2013

Landscaping Renovation Taking Place to Improve Emergency Access to Campus

Area between front of Marrs McLean Science Center and back of Ruth Taylor Fine Arts Center getting broad sidewalks to accommodate fire engine access

artist rendering of fire lane access

By Russell Guerrero '83

SAN ANTONIO - This summer, the area on campus that lies between Miller Fountain, the Coates Library, the Marrs McLean Science Center, and the Ruth Taylor Fine Arts Center is getting a major landscaping renovation to make it easier for fire engines and other emergency vehicles to gain access to central campus should the need arise.

The fire lane access, required by the San Antonio Fire Department, calls for replacing existing sidewalks with broader sidewalks that can accommodate large vehicles to quickly and easily reach several structures on campus, including Northrup Hall, Marrs McLean, and the Center for the Sciences and Innovation.

The renovation includes creating an oval sidewalk made with concrete pavers as well as improved lighting on the site.

The "Conversation with Magic Stones" sculpture will not be affected by the renovation and will remain in its original location near the Coates Library. The sculpture has a temporary new look though—it has been surrounded by wooden boards to protect it during the construction.

The improvements are scheduled to be completed by the beginning of the fall semester.    

-Russell Guerrero '83 is the public information officer at Trinity. He can be reached at