Blueprint for Trinity’s Fraternities and Sororities Approved

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Apr. 29, 2013

Blueprint for Trinity’s Fraternities and Sororities Approved

Designed to enhance student life, Blueprint sets in motion steps toward greater alumni involvement

Greek Students

By Sharon Jones Schweitzer

SAN ANTONIO - Trinity University has unveiled the "Blueprint for Trinity's Fraternities and Sororities," a document designed to ensure the long term success of these organizations on the Trinity campus. Recently endorsed by Trinity's Board of Trustees, the Blueprint calls for four implementation committees, including the creation of a new fraternity and sorority committee on the National Alumni Board. Committee members are currently being recruited and appointed to:

  • A fraternity and sorority communication committee

  • A recruitment and orientation committee

  • A standards committee

  • An alumni and external relations committee

"Trinity is committed to creating a campus environment where fraternities and sororities thrive and contribute to the larger community and the Blueprint is a reflection of this commitment," said Michael Fischer, vice president for Faculty and Student Affairs. The Blueprint provides a framework to enhance sustainability of fraternities and sororities, increase alumni involvement with their active members, and improve communication among the University, alumni, and Trinity's fraternities and sororities.

The Blueprint is the result of many months of work by alumni, students, staff, Trustees, and University leadership. "We received valuable input from students, the Greek Council, the Greek Alumni Advisory Council, alumni leaders, and others," said Dave Mansen, president of the Trinity University Alumni Association and chair of the National Alumni Board (NAB). He welcomes the new NAB committee as a means to engage fraternity and sorority alumni on a broader level.

You can read the complete "Blueprint for Trinity University's Fraternities and Sororities" here.

Sharon Jones Schweitzer is assistant vice president for University Communications and a 1975 graduate of Trinity University