Elizabeth Eder

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Elizabeth Eder '09 -- Running in Comfortable Circles

By day, she crunches numbers for a college...but, in her free time, this alumna is quite the competitor on the track.

By Donna Parker


Elizabeth EderAs a research analyst for Tarrant County College, Elizabeth Eder '09 conducts institutional research and provides data related to enrollment, faculty, grants, and accreditation. It's a job this avid runner loves.

"TCC has five campuses, so this is a big teamwork environment. Staff members on all campuses work together to get the job done," says Liz.

After graduating from Trinity with a major in religion, Liz picked up her M. Ed. at Penn State. Then at her parents' suggestion to do something exciting and helpful, she was off to Swaziland.

She went with a group of high school students and professors for two weeks to work at care point centers that provided children with access to food. "It was quite a desolate country," she recalls, but filled with a group of very happy, loving people."

Once back in her hometown of Fort Worth, Liz competed in the 35th Cowtown Marathon...and won. "I did this after winning the San Antonio Marathon," she relates. "My parents were there at the finish and it was such a surreal moment. I was so excited to represent Fort Worth," finishes Liz.

Running takes up a lot of Liz' time, but she finds time to cook and read non-fiction. She also loves hanging out with family and friends. "I live a pretty low key life in my apartment with my cat, Munchkin. Fort Worth has such a small-town feel that is missing in so many cities. Plus, my family is here so I'm very happy."

Having covered a lot of ground with her Trinity cross-country and track team plus traveling and working in different places helped her to grow as a person. "It was nice how our coaches took such a holistic approach to training. I just blossomed and it really nourished my passion for running. Trinity also had such great professors like Cabral Balreira in the math department. I especially enjoyed his classes because he had so much patience with me as I struggled in math. Also, Luis Murillo in religion took a laid back approach to teaching. And my track coach, Jenny Breuer, department of athletics, was like a mother hen with her ducklings on the running team."

"Trinity was a great experience for me. I never wanted to leave college so my job with TCC provides that comfort level of still being connected."

You may contact Elizabeth at elizabethmarieeder@gmail.com.