Trinity University to Offer Mathematical Finance Major

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Apr. 23, 2013

Trinity University to Offer Mathematical Finance Major

New area of emphasis combines strengths of math, finance, and economics

Mathematical Finance Major

By Susie P. Gonzalez  

SAN ANTONIO - Trinity University is introducing a new major, Mathematical Finance, that draws from the three disciplines of mathematics, business administration / finance, and economics and leads to one of two outcomes: a job in a high-demand field or entrée into graduate school.

The major will be offered in the fall for academically strong students with an interest in becoming an actuary, mathematics modeler, quantitative analyst, or a financial statistician, among other positions. Graduates would be qualified to enter the job market or seek a seat in graduate school, Trinity professors say. Students are already expressing interest.

Work on what they describe as a "very structured" course of study was completed by Roberto Hasfura, professor of mathematics; John Huston, professor and chair of economics; and Dante Suarez, associate professor finance in business administration.

"There is a lot of opportunity for these students," Suarez said. "A graduate can go on to graduate school, with access to scholarships, or to the private sector. The tools students in this major will have when they leave are extremely useful in the private sector. Companies long to hire grads that possess these analytical tools."

The interdisciplinary major could be considered as a combination of three minors and might work well as a second major for motivated students, the professors said. The field may offer internships as well as experiential learning, two areas of growing emphasis in the Trinity curriculum.

"In terms of interdisciplinarity, for example, my micro class will use lots of Calculus III, and students really will see one discipline displayed within another field," Huston said. "In addition, we will integrate business into a number of these courses."

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