Lee Elliott

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Lee Elliott '84 -- Match Point

This long-time tennis ace is upping her game to manage a million-dollar tennis club in Colorado.

By Donna Parker


Lee ElliottLee Elliott '84 is in the middle

This spring, Lee Elliott, who received a degree in art from Trinity in 1984, is all about harmony. She's the director of tennis at the Colorado Athletic Club Inverness-a role she inherited from a 23-year veteran-and there are changes to be made as she pulls her team of 20 together while putting her imprimatur on a tennis club that is rapidly becoming the social place to be.

"We've already started a Super 10 Academy for the young players who use an orange ball (60-foot Quick Start USTA Tennis) program to attract younger players and infuse the game with excitement. We've also conducted 64 team tennis competitions, Ladies Day on Fridays, and even mini-matchmaking events on Valentine's Day," says Lee.

"My big deal is I want this club to be the place to go. So if there is nothing to do, there is always something going on at Inverness-any time of the day."

"I've played tennis my whole life, but this position is helping me understand the financial aspects of a corporation and how it works. I manage a fairly large staff and there is a lot of satisfaction in knowing I can do it."

Lee is extremely grateful she picked Trinity to provide a strong foundation because she says most tennis players grow up in a sheltered, intense environment with little time or opportunity to socialize.

"But, at Trinity, I reaped the most out of university life. It was a great education but the social networks that developed endure. I still have friends I made on campus and Facebook has become an interesting place to go for people my age where we can catch up with old friends."

"Also, Coach Gene Norris, department of athletics, was a major reason I went to Trinity. He was actually the last Division I coach there after Emily Foster, department of athletics, resigned. Coach Norris helped me learn how to work as a team player and, in terms of personal growth, was the single greatest influence on my life."

"Trinity was so unique because of the personalization factor. Professors, classes-everybody knew everybody else on campus. Also, nearly every room had a balcony," laughs Lee, "a huge factor at the time I was looking for a college."

When Lee played tennis for Trinity, it was one of the top three teams in the country. As a successful alumna, she now draws upon that experience as a coach and player to manage a position that requires pulling in $1M+ in revenue each year.

"My education really helped. I knew I could accomplish whatever I wanted and become a very successful person."

You may contact Lee at ttoilleeel@aol.com.