When Does San Antonio Not Love a Parade?

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Mar. 22, 2013

When Does San Antonio Not Love a Parade?

Trinity University participates in the 2013 San Antonio river parade

By Carol Folbre '81

SAN ANTONIO - The Texas Cavaliers sponsor one of the premier events each year during Fiesta, San Antonio's biggest celebration. The whole city becomes one for the night in mind, body, and spirit; blinded by dazzles, twinkles, and pops of color, light, and community spirit during the River Parade that flows through the heart of downtown.

The Trinity University community has the privilege of participating on Monday, April 22 with a "floating island" that cradles 20 Trinity student leaders, the TU Jazz band, and alumni. Joining them will be University President Dennis A. Ahlburg and his wife, Penelope, as they meander along the river making waves and playing tunes for the expected 250,000 spectators, including Trinity alumni who are hanging off bridges, restaurant balconies, and carousing in our special Trinity section (have you bought your tickets yet?)

As Trinity shares with all of San Antonio in this event, I would like to acknowledge James Folbre Jr., the Texas Cavalier who graciously paved the way, as well as the San Antonio Chapter Alumni Board which is largely responsible for making this happen through our "Making Connections" in reaching out to the San Antonio community. Our board invites students to participate with us by floating down the river and joining in other unique events to prepare to be engaged in the community. By way of background the Texas Cavaliers started as a social club in 1926 but developed into a charitable organization that gives back to the community through the Texas Cavaliers Charitable Foundation to benefit and support local children.

See you on the river!

Carol Folbre graduated from Trinity in 1981 with a M.A. in English and obtained a Ph.D. from the University of Sussex.  She currently owns an educational consulting business that links government and industry with education.