Lindy Pate

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Lindy Pate '06 -- Spreading the Word

Her commute to her job requires a trek through the tropical rainforest but this alumna is in it for love.

By Donna Parker


Lindy PateAs a Bible translator, Lindy Pate, who received a degree in economics from Trinity in 2006, travels to places where there is no written Bible in the local language. Together with a team of native speakers, Lindy completes that translation. For the past several years, she's worked in Papua New Guinea for Pioneer Bible Translators and it's an occupation she adores.

"First, I have the adventure of getting there," explains Lindy who continues, "I also get to experience the beauty of creation by working with people who live a completely different lifestyle but, at the same time, have a shared commonality."

She actually helicoptered into the remote New Guinea village but then hiked for two days to reach her office back in town. Lindy walked a narrow trail through the jungle, up and down through the mountains, while battling leeches.

"But we also heard cockatoos flying over the canopy and marveled at the size of those trees. While people at home commute to their jobs and worry about road rage, my concern is poisonous snakes!"

Lindy is stateside for a few months but will head back at the end of next month for another two years. As a follower of Jesus, she says that it is great she can combine her beliefs with her job.

"I'm following my passion and path in life and even though many of my peers are now buying their first houses and accruing possessions, I would always choose this. Besides, my residence on the northern coast is absolutely gorgeous and the snorkeling and tropical flowers are amazing."

As a Trinity student, Lindy began to lay the foundation for this important work.

"I still keep in touch with Dr. John Donahue, department of sociology and anthropology, and have spoken at his church about my translation work. Also, my last semester at Trinity, I took a course under Dr. Jorge Gonzalez, department of economics, who directed me in my independent study on the economic development of New Guinea. It was the flexibility and willingness to let me pursue my interest that was integral to my success."

Lindy still maintains close contact with her Intervarsity Christian Fellowship friends and says Trinity spawned a sure-footed confidence in her own abilities.

"I learned how to do things and how to think critically. Most importantly, I learned how to learn."

You may contact Lindy at .

Story posted: March 2013

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