Trinity Love Stories

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Feb. 14, 2013

Trinity Love Stories

Alumni share memories of young love on Trinity's campus

In February, alumni look back on relationships that grew into love during their time at Trinity. 

Andrew Hess '10 and Lindsay Landgraf '11 Andrew Hess '10 and Lindsay Landgraf '11 
From Lindsay: "Not only did I have an incomparably wonderful undergraduate experience, I met the love of my life on Trinity's campus. Andrew Hess and I met on March 26, 2010. A drama major and an accounting masters' candidate had nothing in common, yet we forged a love as unforgettable as it was magical.

I picked Andy up. He will tell you differently, of course, but I remember the first night we met. He was so shy he could barely look me in the eye. At the end of the night, only at his friends' urging, he asked for my phone number.

Three years have passed, and I am happily engaged to the kindest, smartest, most wonderful man I've ever met; I owe all of this to Trinity University. Andy and I will be married in July, and I am so thankful to our alma mater who brought us together. I cannot imagine my life without my sweet man, nor without the indelible mark Trinity University has left on our lives."


Phil Avocato '09 and Meaghan Golden Avocato '09  Phil Avocato '09 and Meaghan Golden Avocato '09  
From Meaghan: "Phil and I met the first day of our freshman year at Trinity - as fate (or maybe some incredible housing director) would have it, we'd been placed on opposite ends of Calvert 2nd. But it took us a while to take the hint. Though we ran with some of the same friends, Phil kept turning down my invitations to the most romantic place I know - Taco Cabana. Once, when my mother was visiting, she saw Phil passing on the hall and suggested we date. I responded with an ever-so-eloquent, "Phil? Nah." For the record, my mother is always right.

As we continued on at Trinity, it became harder to avoid each other. We both declared Communication majors and were very involved in drama. By junior year, we were taking three of the same classes, working on the same production, and watching LOST with a big group of friends twice a week. Somewhere along the way, we fell in love. We got to write the rest of our Trinity story together, settled down in Houston, and got married - our first anniversary was this past Monday, February 11th, 2013. 

College would have been magical enough had I not met my person there. But Trinity's pretty great about giving you more than you bargained for. I have an incredible education, wonderful memories, and a dearly-loved alma mater to thank for introducing me to the kindest, most genuine person I know. And that's a college debt I'm happy to pay."

Michael McCormick '11 '12 and Carolyn Kramer McCormick '12Michael McCormick '11 '12 and Carolyn Kramer McCormick '12
From Carolyn: "Michael McCormick (Class of '11 and Masters in Accounting Class of '12) and I met in our hometown of Katy. Since I was a year younger, I got to fall in love with Trinity and Michael simultaneously as I visited him during his first year. When I decided to join him at Trinity the next year, we were so excited to share our undergraduate experience. 

We took our first accounting class together (the first and last time we took a course simultaneously). Michael loved it and decided to pursue his Masters in in, but I didn't like not doing as well as him! 

Of course we had our ups and downs along the way, but due to Trinity's small size, we couldn't stop seeing each other on campus! After constantly running into each other at Wind Ensemble rehearsals or in the North/South foyer, we finally decided to give up on even thinking about lives apart. 

Michael proposed the summer before my senior year and his Masters. We spent our last year at Trinity planning our wedding and enjoying San Antonio! We've been married now for 7 months and are celebrating our 5th Valentine's Day together. Without Trinity, we probably would have forgotten about each other, but instead Trinity kept bringing us closer!" 

We are so thankful for everything Trinity did for us and will keep coming back to the place where we fell in love!

Shaun and Kira Irchirl '08 Shaun and Kira Irchirl '08 
Kira Irchirl (Noreiga at the time she attended Trinity) and her now husband are 2008 Trinity alums who met on their very first day of college. Shaun Irchirl played football for Trinity and they met through mutual friends on the night they moved into the dorms. They were inseparable ever since that day and got to know each other as friends before they ended up dating for all 4 years of college.

Upon graduation in 2008, Kira moved to Austin and Shaun moved back to Houston. When Shaun decided it was time to propose he wanted to do it back at Trinity where it all started. With the help of Stacey Lenderman, Justin Parker and Bob King in Athletics, Shaun dressed up as LeeRoy the Tiger and proposed to Kira on the track at alumni weekend in 2010.

The two were married on March 24th, 2012 and are looking forward to their first married Valentine's Day together in 2013!


Jason Maloney '11 and Alexa Harrison '12Jason Maloney '11 and Alexa Harrison '12
Jason Maloney '11 and Alexa Harrison '12 officially met in the spring of 2010 volunteering with the community service club, Alpha Phi Omega. Being at Trinity University, once they met for the first time, they couldn't stop bumping into each other on campus. The two saw each other every Tuesday and Thursday outside Chapman as Jason was leaving his finance class and Alexa was heading to Latin American history.

Semesters of study abroad, senior capstone classes, and generally being on different academic tracks didn't interrupt their time together. Because of the tight-knit community at Trinity, their different graduating classes didn't keep them from growing closer either.

Three years later, Jason and Alexa have graduated, moved from San Antonio to Tulsa, Oklahoma, and are now engaged to be married. Looking back on their relationship, it is evident that being at Trinity University allowed them to fall in love!