Matt Mead

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Head of State

Matt Mead, rancher, husband and dad, soon will hold a new title as the New Year kicks off—governor of Wyoming. Matt received his bachelor’s degree in radio/television from Trinity in 1984.

By Donna Parker


Matt Mead

"My motivation in politics is that Wyoming is still a small state by population so our governor still has the ability to effect change in a very positive way. I'm a fourth generation Wyoming citizen and have always looked for ways to help our state progress. During my time as a U.S. attorney, I enjoyed that public service, so it was a natural fit to go into politics," states the new governor.

"I won't be a career politician though. I will have another career after this," Matt says firmly.

For now, he's focused on what happens post-inauguration when he will sit at the governor's desk for the very first time and takes over the reins as head of that state.

"You want to do a great job, and there is an element of fear involved, but I wouldn't have signed up if I didn't have confidence that I could do the job well," says the governor.

"Right now, we're in the transitional process trying to fill cabinet positions and prepare the state of the state address as we begin the new legislative session. I really don't have time to worry about the job because there is so much to be done before Jan. 3."

For Governor Mead, to whom family means everything, he will have tremendous support from Carol, his wife of 19 years, as well as his two children: Pete, who is 10 and Mary, 12.

"Carol and I are true partners in this, as we always have been. The kids are pleased but know that moving into the governor's mansion will be a definite change in lifestyle."

When asked if he ever envisioned his life now while still a Trinity student, he says, "No. I never envisioned becoming governor even just a few years ago, but my broad range of classes taken at Trinity prepared me well for this new challenge."

"It was great fun being there. I played on the Trinity football team, wrestled and, in general, enjoyed the beautiful campus. Even now, in my box of treasures next to my bed, I have a Trinity watch given to me for playing on the football team."

Matt, who took his wife to San Antonio and showed her the beautiful campus right after they first married, concludes, "I will remain forever grateful for my time at Trinity-for the professors, the school and my wonderful friends. They were truly four magical years."

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